A list of current research projects. Publications from these projects will be added as they become available.

Communication Technology as Infrastructure: Communication technologies are integral to coordination and collaboration, particularly in hospitals. How can necessary changes to these technologies be implemented with least disruption to workflows?

Privacy Skills: Learning how to protect your privacy online is a complex set of overlapping social and technical skills. Where and how do people actually learn these skills? 

Cognitive Socio-Technical Structures: In situations where multiple platforms and technologies are integral to workflow, how do people's perception of who uses which of the technologies and how impact the way that interaction and labor are distributed?

Content Creation and Privacy Concerns: The barriers to create and share content online have been lowered by increased access to information and communication technologies. However, the distribution of who contributes and how remains unequal. Are privacy concerns around having personal information stolen online a potential factor to help explain this unequal distribution?