Researchers at Northwestern University want to better understand the experience of collaborating in maternal health in the US. Our goal is to understand how people make decisions about who to collaborate with, how people maintain collaborations over a long period of time, and what barriers people face to collaboration. We hope findings from this study will help build better public health collaborations in the future.

We will be asking about your experiences collaborating with other people while working in maternal health. While this is a group, and an opportunity to discuss your experiences with other participants, there will also be an opportunity for individual follow up interviews to dive more deeply into your individual experience.

There are a total of 5 conversational prompts. Prompts are designed to take about 20 minutes to complete, and participants will have 3 days in which to complete them and discuss with other participants. Participation is all remote and flexible to the participant’s schedule. Participants can receive $50 dollars for the prompt portion of the study, and another $25 for discussion with other participants. Participants can be paid via CashApp or PayPal, depending on preference.

To be eligible for this study, you must be:

·      Over 18, live in the US

·      Work in maternal health as a midwife, doula, reproductive justice advocate or community health worker

·      Have a Facebook account

All participants will be part of a shared online group space, similar to a focus group, providing the opportunity for participants to comment on each other’s responses and help provide both context and support for one another’s experiences. The community will be governed by our Code of Conduct, which you can see below.

To participate in this study or ask any questions, please email the PI, Madhu Reddy, or the co-investigator, Ashley Walker, from the Department of Communication Studies at

This study (STU# STU00210422) is approved by the Northwestern Institutional Review Board.

Code of Conduct

  • What happens here stays here – Though you are welcome to share your experiences, feelings, etc with others afterwards, please refrain from repeating others’ stories, names, likenesses, etc outside of the group.

  • The Group is Not a Submission Form – This group is for organizing and building community solidarity, not for directly answering the research prompts. For your safety and privacy, please contain your answers to our actual research prompts to the secure forms we link.

  • DM Me – If something offensive, problematic, or hurtful is posted to the group, anyone may message any member of the study team to report it. However, please turn encrypted mode on via the settings wheel in the Messenger window first in order to protect your privacy. You may also use the “report to admin” tool.

  • Foster an Atmosphere of Respect – We have a diverse group of participants sharing their expertise from many different contexts. In this group, we are fostering an atmosphere of respect by communicating in a supportive manner, especially when disagreements occur, speaking only to our own experiences and not making assumptions about the experiences and motives of others. No harassment of other group members will be tolerated.