Ashley stands on a train platform, not looking at the camera

I'm a PhD candidate in the Media, Technology, and Society program out of the School of Communication at Northwestern University.  My work looks at the ways online social spaces impact group dynamics and intracommunity conflict, ecological perspectives on sociotechnical systems, and how epistemic injustices (warning: links to a video) influence coordination and collaboration practices for response to long-term, systemic crises.

At Northwestern, I work with Madhu Reddy in the PITCH Lab out of the Center for Communication and Health. My current project looks at how technology can support the coordination and collaboration necessary to respond to public health crises, specifically the rise in maternal mortality in the US.

Previously, I worked with Eszter Hargittai at the Web Use Project. Projects included looking at how people develop the social and technical skills to protect their privacy online, correlations between privacy concerns and sharing behavior online, and the impact of privacy concerns on Internet adoption patterns.

I have my Master of Science in Information from University of Michigan's School of Information. During my time there, I worked with John King and Sarita Yardi Schoenebeck. I also spent time on various extracurricular activities, such as co-organizing Ann Arbor Data Dive and working on projects out of the LED Lab.  Before I left, I wrote a thesis applying theories from urban planning to understand the lifecycle of online platforms.

In my spare time, I am working on becoming a person who runs, spend summers coaxing plants in a community garden, and read. A lot.